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O.M.A.R.C. S.r.l. specializes in the design and construction of machinery, plants and equipment intended to be used in the Brick and Ceramic Industry as well as in quarries, and of handling equipment and recycling plants in general.

Our company can provide a complete and careful service regarding the design, construction and assembly of our machines. Moreover, an efficient after-sales service - with respect to the overhauling and maintenance of the supplied plants - is provided thanks to our skilled technical staff and a large store of spare-parts.

Our manufacturing range includes:

  • Scoop excavators, suitable for digging both in quarries and silos. Amply tested, they are intended for every kind of clay and perform a constant mixing of the various clay layers. We can supply: traditional excavators overhead travelling excavators excavators suitable for parallel-cut digging
  • box feeders, mechanically or hydraulically operated. Supplied with rubber or metal belts, they are suitable for any kind of material (clay, gravel, sand, etc.) and enable a better refining as well as a constant batching of the same.
  • conveyors with metal slats/rubber/PVC belt
  • clay spreaders
  • idle or motor-driven roller conveyors
  • trolleys suitable for kilns and drying chambers equipped with transfer tables and handling lines
  • handling and recycling systems.

The main characteristics of our machines are their stoutness, reliability and functionality which allow them to operate safely and with maximum economy. The most suitable solution is submitted to our customers by our highly qualified technical staff (after careful evaluation of the individual requirements) according to the specific needs, in order to ensure functionality and high reliability of the products. The whole production complies with the requirements of the relevant European Standards and is provided with the CE marking.

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